Who: Born Melissa Brianna Annapolis, Metra is a 20 year old call-girl with an adopted 11 year old orphan daughter named Rebecca “Becca” Annapolis.

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What: Blade of Justice is a continuation of Metra’s Revenge that I originally created on March of 2014. This story is about the trials that Metra must go

through to get justice for her family by  going after the party responsible for slaying her family.

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Where: This story takes place in the city of Oceania, Maryland USA.

Official Oceania Skyline Day time

When: The year is 2051 when the events of Blade of Justice takes place.


Why: The law is not stopping Metra from doing this because everyone wants the criminal(s) to be eliminated, but the one(s) responsible have so much

influence that no one will back her up for fear of their collective personal safety.


How: After trying to get information directly out of people for years and failing , She relys on subtlety to gain information since she knows everyone knows

the killers but wont talk. Metra has become an underground fighter in addition to remaining a call-girl on the side. She is betting that by spending enough

time in front of enough people someone will slip up and give her the information she needs to bring justice for her family.



Why is she a Call-Girl?

Its a sad fact of life that a large number of young orphaned women are sexually assaulted and abused, having no other options apparent to her she jumped at the

opportunity to be a call-girl as opposed to being a “street walker” where many start. Incidentally due to her work ethic she became the highest paid Call girl Oceania

has ever known and is the pride of the Pimp who trained her.


If she can fight so well, how was she ever sexually assaulted or otherwise?

Metra didn’t learn to fight until she met her second client as a Call girl. This man, an old war veteran after seeing her opted to teach her to fight after hearing her story

over dinner together. So he trained her for 6 months in hand to hand combat and special forces knife fighting with the time he bought to see her.


Why is her nickname Metra?

Metra is a name she took on at age 16 after she learned to fight. It is a symbol and memorial of the ones she loved who were taken.

M is for Melissa her given name

E is for Evelyn her mother’s name

T is for Terrance her father’s name

R is for Rayna her little baby sister

A is for Annapolis, their family name

So whenever her name is spoken, it reminds her of her purpose, who she loves, and what she must do.


Why is it that in society she is allowed to openly carry such a big-ass knife?

Building on the why from above, Metra lives in a world of organised crime. She is allowed to wear it as a deterrent to those who would perform violent acts against her.

The knife in reality isn’t so much a deterrent in an age of guns, as is the emblem on the hilt.


Whats the big deal about the emblem on her knife?

The emblem is the “symbol of freedom” The official insignia of the 23rd Street fighter Infantry Division. The 23rd were the fighters recruited into the war to defend the homeland

by the President when the National Guard were defeated due to an overwhelming number of the enemy on their borders. The “Third War” was dubbed the Mercenary war. Those street fighters

fought valiantly against an enemy with all of the weapons of modern warfare using mostly their bare fists and special fighting art techniques. Of the Division, only a handful of the warriors survived

and are recognized as heroes. So wearing this insignia means basically you either are a legendary bad-ass or you are in protection by one.


Is her knife special?

It was her father’s combat knife. He was one of the heroes of Oceania in the 23rd SF Infantry division.